Financial Risk Management

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5 - 9 Feb 2024London5 days£4,250
27 - 31 May 2024London5 days£4,250
14 - 18 Oct 2024London5 days£4,250

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Equip yourself with the knowledge to manage financial risks. This course covers market, credit, and operational risk management techniques, as well as the use of financial instruments to hedge risk.

Who Should Attend

Managers and executives from financial sector organisations who wish to strengthen their compliance risk mitigation and want to effect a greater awareness of compliance within their organisation:

  • Risk managers
    • Decision makers in their organisation
    • New compliance officers
    • Internal auditors tasked with auditing the compliance function
    • Legal department managers
    • Treasury staff

    Course Outcomes

    • Describe to role of the Chief Compliance Officer in regulatory compliance and risk management
    • Review your financial institution’s existing processes and procedures and make recommendations for changes to bring them to international standards
    • Establish policies and procedures for conflicts of interest management and application of internal controls
    • Improve internal reporting to the Regulator, Board and Senior Management
    • Identify, analyse and mitigate compliance risks

    Course Topics

    Types of Financial Risk

    • Risk management frameworks
    • Key areas of financial risk
    • The main families of risk and risk classification
    • The four T’s of risk treatment

    Exploring Market Risk

    • The main types of market risk
    • Equity risk
    • Interest rate risk
    • Currency risk
    • Commodity risk
    • Market risk mitigation strategies

    Liquidity Risk

    • Defining liquidity risk and how it arises
    • Market liquidity
    • Asset liquidity
    • Funding liquidity
    • Liquidity risk mitigation strategies

    Credit Risk

    • Types of credit risk
    • Default risk (counterparty) and impact
    • Concentration risk
    • Gearing risk
    • Credit risk mitigation strategies

    Linking Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

    • The role of the board in setting the tone at the top and agreeing risk appetite
    • Integrating GRC to eliminate duplicated efforts
    • Development of financial risk audits
    • Compliance with Codes of Corporate Governance

    What is financial risk management?

    Financial risk management is identifying, analysing and managing risks that can impact your organisation’s financial performance. Typically, it involves identifying potential financial risks and developing strategies to manage or mitigate them.

    Financial risk can happen in many ways outside your organisation’s control, such as a change in interest rates or political uncertainty. In these instances, your organisation should have strategies in place to reduce the risk to your business if any of these external factors should change and impact your financial state. Internally, financial risks can occur with instances of fraud or internal errors, or risks of going into liquidation. As with external risks, your organisation must have plans in place to counteract any financial risks.

    The goal of financial risk management is to minimise the negative impact of internal and external risks on your organisation’s financial performance and ensure its long-term sustainability. Effective financial risk management can help organisations avoid significant losses and maintain financial stability.

    LCT’s Financial Risk Management Course

    Our Financial Risk Management Course provides a comprehensive overview of financial risk management, covering key concepts and frameworks to help your employees understand how to manage financial risks effectively for your organisation. This course covers the types of financial risk, including market risks, liquidity risks, credit risks and compliance, to ensure students have a well-rounded understanding of all financial risks and how to manage them within your organisation effectively.

    At LCT, we offer a wide range of financial and management courses designed to assist all staff involved in business operations. Our in-depth financial risk management programme is designed to level up the knowledge and expertise of learners to ensure they are using best practices within their roles.

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