About LCT International

We have more than 30 years experience of working in partnership with international clients to deliver training and consultancy solutions leading to positive professional development outcomes.


We recently rebranded from London Corporate Training to LCT International, a subtle yet profound change that underlines our commitment to providing our clients with an even more exceptional learning journey. Our new name encapsulates our evolution while preserving our rich legacy. It signifies growth without losing touch with our beginnings, a promise of enhanced global access, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Global Reach, Local Roots

We’ve evolved from our London base to serve our clients worldwide. While our name now reflects “International,” our commitment to London and the UK remains unwavering. The initials ‘LCT’ are not just letters; they’re a reminder of our heritage and our dedication to delivering the same excellence in London as we do across the globe.

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence: It’s not just a change in name; it’s a celebration of our remarkable journey. Three decades of trust, innovation, and continuous learning have brought us here. Our 30th anniversary is a testament to our dedication and the strength of our partnerships with you, our esteemed clients.

A Dynamic Learning Experience: The world is changing, and so are we. LCT International not only signifies geographical expansion but also the flexibility of our programs. From face-to-face classes to interactive online learning, we adapt to your needs. Your education journey is as dynamic as the global landscape.

Our Values

Our core values of Quality, Respect, Innovation, Success and Collaboration underpin everything that we do.

Quality: We are committed to delivering high-quality programmes to our delegates and clients. This includes ensuring that our instructors are knowledgeable and experienced, and that their resources are up-to-date, relevant and effective.

Respect: Mutual respect forms the basis of our business. We hold in high esteem our clients and our delegates and we earn their respect in the way we behave. We value all our stakeholders and treat them with consideration.

Innovation: We are a progressive company and are always looking for ways to improve and update our programmes. For example, we are always incorporating new technologies, developing new teaching methods, and adapting to the changing requirements of our clients.

Success: Our ultimate purpose is to help our delegates achieve their professional goals. We are committed to providing the support, resources, and opportunities necessary for our delegates to succeed.

Collaboration: We understand that learning is a collaborative process. Our global outlook aims to foster long-term partnerships with our clients and business leaders to provide our delegates with a well-rounded education and valuable networking opportunities.

Our Mission

Organisation Timeline

  • 1994 – London Corporate Training (LCT) established as a provider of corporate training courses based in Chiswick, London 
  • 2002 – LCT moves to Hammersmith, west London
  • 2003 – LCT starts to offer courses in Sales and Oil & Gas
  • 2015 – LCT establishes presence in Hong Kong
  • 2016 – LCT moves to current offices in Hammersmith and develops new courses in Public Relations.
  • 2018 – LCT wins major contract with East Java Education and Training Board
  • 2020 – LCT is taken over by current management team after challenging period as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic
  • 2021 – LCT develops online courses
  • 2022 – LCT offers courses in new locations in Dubai and Istanbul
  • 2023 – LCT rebranded as LCT International to reflect its growing global reach
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