Terms and Conditions

1. Who we are

We are LCT International, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 09882402.

Our website address is: https://www.lct.co.uk

2. Course fees

2.1 Course fees include:

  • Cost of tuition

  • Course Venue

  • Consultant’s preparation time

  • Course Material (soft-copy format)

  • Pre-arrival documentation including visa support letters

  • Digital course certificates

2.2 Airport transfers are NOT included in the course fee but are available upon request for an additional cost.

3. Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is chargeable on all courses at the standard rate (currently at 20.0%).

Non-profit and governmental organisations may be exempt from paying VAT. In order to be considered for this exemption, the client organisation is required to provide an official letter stating that it has been established for non-profit or public service purposes.

4. Payment

Course Fees MUST be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the course.

Failure to make payment on time will result in an automatic cancellation.

4.1 All fees must be paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the course.

4. 2 Methods of Payment

Please notify us of your preferred method of payment.

We are pleased to accept the following methods:

  1. International Bank Transfers. Payment should be made in Pounds Sterling to the account specified on the invoice (supplied along with registration/booking confirmation). Proof of payment should be sent to LCT for tracking purposes.

  2. Credit card. We are pleased to accept credit card payments and will issue instructions for online credit card payments.

  3. We also have a PayPal account and payments may be made to this account.

4.3 We regret that we are unable to accept cash or cheques.

5. Substitutions

5. 1 Delegates registered on any course can be substituted at any time without risk of a penalty. Substitution requests must be made in writing.

6. Pre course requirements 

6. 1 There are no prerequisite qualifications to participate in individual courses. 

6.2 Unless otherwise stated, all courses are conducted in English. We will assume that delegates have a sufficient level of English to be able to follow the course. Most of our delegates have upper-intermediate or advanced level English. If you have any questions or are unsure about your level of English, please contact us for further information.

7. Cancellations and alterations

7.1 LCT reserves the right to amend courses or the published programme, or to cancel any course at any time, and offer an alternative date, a full refund or credit, without liability for consequential loss or damage.

7. 2 Where delegates are unable to travel due to a venue closure, travel ban, quarantine restriction or flight cancellation due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will not charge a cancellation or re-arrangement fee, and will offer you the following options:

  1. Convert the booking to a LOVE (Live Online Virtual Education) course

  2. Change the course start date to a date in the future

  3. Earn a full credit towards a different comparable course in the future

7.3 A cancellation fee of 50% of the course fees will be charged when bookings are cancelled or transferred to future dates and that change is notified to us within 2 weeks of the start date of the programme.  

8. Visas and Refusals

8.1 Delegates may ask us to issue a letter to support their application for a visa to enter the UK (“visa support letter”). We will only issue a visa support letter to delegates who are registered on a specific training course and that have paid their course fees in full.

8.2 We are unable to offer any advice to delegates on obtaining UK visas. 

8.3 All cancellations due to a visa refusal will be refunded in full, minus an administrative charge of £200 + VAT to cover administrative costs, provided that we are notified in writing of the visa refusal before the course start date and receives proof of visa refusal. 

8.4 If your visa is issued after the course start date or if you do not have proof of visa refusal, you will not be entitled to a refund, but you may defer your attendance to an alternative course date.

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