British American Tobacco Case Study

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"I very much enjoyed my time here and would definitely recommend LCT as a training institution."
Corporate Affairs Manager, British American Tobacco

Working within a controversial industry, and facing great challenges from a new digital environment characterised by the immediacy of social media, British American Tobacco (BAT) turned to LCT to help develop competencies within external communications.

British American Tobacco (BAT) is one of the world’s leading tobacco groups, owning over 200 brands and employing more than 57,000 people in more than 200 markets worldwide.

The Delegate

Many delegates come to attend training courses at LCT when their job role changes and when they need to develop new skills. This was just the case with the Romanian division of British American Tobacco. Having been recently promoted, the Corporate Affairs Manager, saw her responsibilities shift from internal communication to external communication – which involved new challenges of government, stakeholder and media relations. With little prior experience, she required training to help understand this field and develop specific skills and competencies.

Her primary objectives were as follows:

  • To learn about media management.
  • To develop an understanding of how new media forms have changed Public Relations.
  • To learn how to build and develop relationships with the media.
  • To find out more about the major stakeholders of well-known newspapers.
  • To learn how to draft press releases.
  • To learn how to organise press conferences.
  • To integrate an internal and external communications plan in line with corporate strategy.


With a lack of options available internally, and with few external training providers offering the breadth and depth of a course in this area of Public Relations, British American Tobacco turned to LCT, who have been at the forefront of the training sector for twenty years.

The Course

The attendee opted for the scheduled Strategic Public Relations Management course, designed to help develop practical skills to be used on return to the workplace. The course was scheduled for two weeks and focused on the development of external communication competencies. The modules included:

  • Introduction to PR
  • PR channels
  • Writing for the media
  • Target markets
  • PR events and activities
  • Social media and multi-media
  • Public Relations Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Press conferences and interviews

The fact that the course was one-to-one meant that discussions could be tailored to the individual needs of the delegate, making the training much more relevant and effective. Asked how significant this was, she commented:

The Result

The course was a great success and achieved its learning outcomes. The relatively small class size meant that the training consultants were able to tailor the course material to the individual needs of each attendee, while the diversity of attendees enabled delegates to share their own unique experiences in PR, including the challenges they faced, how they overcame these challenges, as well as best practice.

LCT’s emphasis on practical training made the course dynamic and enjoyable. It also ensured the delegate came to understand how to use and apply the knowledge gained. For example, attendees were asked to analyse examples of good and bad press releases, share their opinions, and then draft their very own press release.

"I very much enjoyed my time here and would definitely recommend LCT as a training institution."

Another highlight was the PR Plan, which provided a structured approach for an organisation to spread its message. Cornelia found it very useful to compare this best practice plan with the work she had been doing previously to identify potential areas of improvement. One of the most important insights was in learning the importance of monitoring conversations about the brand on the internet, as well as how to undertake this task.

About LCT

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