Professional Ethics, Diplomacy and Communication

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Classroom Training:
9 - 13 Jul 2024London5 days£4,250
9 - 13 Dec 2024London5 days£4,250

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Course Overview

Explore the intersection of ethics, diplomacy, and communication. This course covers ethical decision-making, diplomatic communication skills, and the art of negotiating and influencing in a professional setting.

Who Should Attend

  • Government officials, MPs, Senior civil servants
  • Spokespersons and senior communications officials
  • Diplomatic staff, advisers and consultants
  • Embassy and High Commission staff
  • Foreign Ministry senior staff and officials
  • All personnel dealing with International Relations
  • Directors of policy and communications
  • Policy and campaigns managers
  • Public Relations Officials
  • Employees involved in external affairs and protocol
  • Key personnel from all Ministries
  • Security Forces personnel
  • Management from departments organising international conferences and meetings
  • Permanent Secretaries, senior secretarial
  • Staff and administrators
  • Business leaders with government contracts

Course Outcomes

  • Develop and understand how international relations functions
  • Appreciate the role of diplomacy in foreign affairs
  • Raise an awareness of ethical considerations in overseas activities
  • Understand the impact of international law, relationships and procedures on national governments
  • Make aware the importance of protocol and procedures for overseas and visiting dignitaries
  • How to use diplomacy in times of conflict and crisis
  • What the real and ethical obligations of diplomatic recognition and privilege are
  • What international codes of ethics are and their obligations
  • Appreciate the basic principles of international negotiating
  • The impact of social media and new technology on diplomatic activity
  • Understand how 24 hour news has changed the international relations landscape
  • How to use media to good use in diplomatic initiatives

Course Topics

Understanding International Relations

  • Understanding the concept of international relations
  • What is diplomacy and why is it necessary
  • Who are diplomats
  • How does diplomacy function
  • An approach to international ethics
  • The three main forms of ethics
  • The need for good communication and its role in international relations
  • Trends in government communications globally

The role of diplomacy in international affairs

  • Key areas of concern in diplomacy
  • Modern diplomatic practice based on Talleyrand
  • Observing basic principles of international law
  • Cross border and international arbitration and monitoring
  • Diplomatic recognition and its responsibilities
  • Eight important types of diplomatic activity
  • Use of formal and informal diplomacy
  • Diplomatic relations between smaller states
  • Diplomacy in times of conflict

Ethics and their importance in international affairs

  • Code of ethics in international relations
  • Global organisations and their ethical codes
  • International and national pressures on ethical behaviour and codes
  • Self-interest versus moral obligation
  • Considering self-interest against international obligations
  • Negotiating in good faith
  • Observing international ethics in such areas as climate change
  • Ethnic and ideological considerations in interstate relations
  • Problems of ethical considerations in areas such as Space and the Arctic
  • The international issues raised by corruption and patronage

The Management of Communications

  • The effect of modern media-24 hour news on diplomacy and international relations
  • The impact of the new phenomenon of social media and new technology on diplomacy
  • The reality of new means of communication; e mail twitter Facebook and texting
  • Communications and dissident groups and other protestors
  • The role of international news media in international relations
  • The importance of media relations and using national media to good effect
  • The importance of key messages in international communications

Important diplomatic ethical and communications considerations

  • Protocol cultural affairs and dealing with overseas dignitaries
  • Governments and their role in international business
  • Embassies High Commissions and their roles
  • The role of diplomacy and communications in times of crisis
  • The importance of well managed international events
  • The impact of social megatrends on government relations (poverty greenhouse gases technology trends etc.)

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