The Complete Leadership Programme

Course schedule

Classroom Training:
8 - 12 Jul 2024London5 days£4,250
2 - 6 Sep 2024London5 days£4,250
2 - 6 Dec 2024London5 days£4,250

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Course Overview

Any successful leader understands their strengths and weaknesses, as well as being able to build strong, powerful relationships with clients and individuals to leverage business success. This training course entitled, The Complete Leadership Programme will focus on the prime competencies of leadership styles, as well as the ability to influence to form strong professional relationships and improve workplace performance
Understanding and practicing these key competencies will help to develop your professional leadership and improve your standing as an influential leader who also inspires others in line with your organisations culture.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Managers who would like to refresh their leadership, management and team building skills
  • Middle Managers who would like to develop their career and build on their knowledge
  • Identified Leadership Talent and High Potential Personnel

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the differences in leadership style and how to apply them in the workplace
  • Apply techniques to grow your own self-understanding to improve your engagement with others
  • Utilize influencing techniques to build and form strong business relationships
  • Understand how to lead the organisation by providing strategic direction and vision
  • How to present successfully and to project yourself powerfully

Course Topics

Different leadership styles

  • What is leadership?
  • Leadership and management
  • Leadership theory and models
  • Strengths, weaknesses and suitability of different
    leadership styles
  • Applying leadership styles to workplace situations


Leading multiple teams

  • Different types of team
  • Leading high-performing teams
  • Team dynamics
  • Leading remote/virtual teams Benefits of prioritising


Improving performance in the workplace

  • Using motivational theories and models to improve
  • Benefits of coaching
  • Coaching techniques and models
  • Using coaching to improve performance
  • What mentoring involves
  • The difference between mentoring and coaching
  • Benefits of mentoring individuals


Understanding organisational culture

  • Different organisational cultures
  • Factors that affect organisational culture
  • Effects on individuals and teams
  • Organisational culture and change
  • Definition of terms and differences between
    equality, diversity and inclusion


Presenting for success

    • Research the people in the audience and their objectives
    • Approach, structure, content and methods to meet

audience requirements

  • Anticipate, prepare and practise answers to difficult
    questions and awkward questioners
  • Overcome nerves, project your voice powerfully and
    keep audience attention



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