Advanced Corporate Legal Advisers and Chartered Company Secretaries

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7 - 18 Oct 2024London10 days£7,250

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Course Overview

This advanced course offers depth on complex legal and corporate governance issues, strategic compliance management, and the evolving role of legal advisers and company secretaries in corporate leadership.

Who Should Attend

  • Company Executive and Non- Executive Directors
  • Shareholder representatives
  • Pension and Investment Fund Managers
  • Public officials in a regulatory, supervisory or compliance functions
  • Company Secretaries of public companies
  • Executives involved in strategic and operational functions, including finance, corporate strategy, human resources, and government affairs
  • Senior managers involved in setting up corporate governance initiatives
  • Corporate lawyers who wish to improve their understanding of new company law developments concerning corporate responsibility

Course Outcomes

  • Review and clarify the duties of company directors
  • Compare best practice of how company boards are organised
  • Describe the benefits to stakeholders of applying corporate governance principles
  • Develop checks and balance that apply to the boards of listed companies
  • Relate the UK Corporate Governance Code to their own environment
  • Refresh the commercial skills needed by legal and regulatory executives
  • Explore the importance of the Company Secretary’s role
  • Negotiate more effectively

Course Topics

What is Corporate Governance?

  • Essential structures of corporate governance
  • Principle functions and responsibilities of the Board
  • Setting the company strategic direction
  • Establishing corporate values
  • Holding the executives to account
  • Maintaining the corporate reputation

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)

  • The pressure for corporate behaviour change
  • The Legal Background of ESG
  • Company directors’ obligations and ESG
  • Voluntary measures

Company Directors and Company Boards

  • Duties of a Director
  • Promoting the success of the company
  • Role of the chairman
  • Executive and Non-executive directors
  • Making a difference using
  • non-executive directors

Roles and Responsibilities of Company Secretary

  • Assisting the Board
  • Record keeping
  • Managing the registered office
  • Supporting and managing board and company meetings

Corporate Failure Resulting from Poor Governance

  • The ineffective board
  • Examples of corporate failure: Maxwell Polly Peck Enron
  • Analysis of the banking crisis as a failure of governance
  • Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory responses to corporate governance failure
  • Lessons learned from corporate failures

Resolving Legal Disputes

  • Where do the problems occur?
  • Resolving disputes without
  • recourse to the courts
  • Alternative dispute resolution techniques – arbitration mediation conciliation
  • Other dispute procedures

Protecting Shareholders and Other Stakeholders

  • The UK Corporate Governance Code
  • The Comply or Explain rule
  • How to protect the shareholder?
  • Communicating with the shareholder
  • Legal framework for corporate governance

Negotiating Drafting and Structuring Legal Agreements

  • Contract law refresher
  • Drafting legal agreements
  • Negotiation principles
  • Tools and techniques for negotiation
  • What are our negotiables?

Corporate Behaviours – Best Practices

  • Company director duties
  • The role of the NED
  • Creating an effective board
  • Corporate conduct – the social responsibilities of the company
  • Consequences of failure in corporate behaviour

Roles and responsibilities of corporate legal department

  • What’s in the job of the in-house lawyer?
  • Adding value to company performance
  • Identifying and reducing corporate risks
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the corporate legal department

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