Why Are Professional Development Courses Key to Corporate Success?

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Every business owner knows that without their employees, there wouldn’t be a business to manage, let alone much corporate success to celebrate. Yet, despite this, many employers don’t invest as much into their employees as they should – and we’re not just talking about paying higher salaries. Offering your teams the chance to learn and grow in their careers through tailored professional development courses is key to corporate success, and it’s time for businesses to understand why.

Professional development courses: Setting your teams on the road to success

Invest in your employees

Did you know that 94% of employees would be more likely to stay at a job longer if it invested in their professional development? In a time that’s being dubbed the “Great Resignation”, there’s more pressure on businesses than ever before to engage, satisfy and retain their workforce through learning opportunities. To put it simply: if your employees aren’t getting more than just their salary from you, they’re likely to look elsewhere.

It’s not just that professional development courses are interesting for those who are passionate about their field, but they’re also designed to equip employees with the tangible skills and self-confidence they need to steer their careers in the right direction. When you offer your team the opportunity to develop, you also show that you value their contribution to the business – something that rarely goes unappreciated.

Acquire the best talent

High employee turnover rates can break businesses, and they certainly don’t present the strong, unified workforce that clients look for. However, better employee retention is just one reason to invest in face-to-face and online professional development courses. Employee acquisition is just as important.

A 2016 study by Deloitte found that “opportunities to progress” and access to “professional development training programmes” were two of the most sought-after attributes in a job, even coming ahead of having a “strong sense of purpose”. If you want to attract the very best talent to your business, you need to demonstrate that you’re able to tick all the boxes – and this includes helping candidates learn, develop and progress.

Work alongside the best of the best

Your corporate success relies heavily on the team of people you work alongside. Their drive and passion will keep the big ideas coming through, but it’s their skill set that will bring about impressive results. When you connect your team to learning opportunities, such as our professional development courses, you’ll help them become the best in their field.

For instance, by helping your senior team become motivated leaders through our Presenting with Impact course, you’ll benefit from an engaged workforce who trust the expertise of their managers. Or, by putting your business development team through our Advanced Sales Skills programme, you’ll see tangible results when it comes to lead generation and client relations.

Online professional development courses for every field

With an expansive range of training courses, delivered online and in person, here at London Corporate Training, we equip leaders, managers and professionals with the skills and confidence they need to go the extra mile in their careers. We provide customised courses for every major field, including human resources, operations management and marketing, each designed to help you achieve corporate success.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and our range of online training courses in more detail.

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