FPSO Design, Technology and Operations

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Classroom Training:
9 - 12 Jul 2024London4 days£4,250
6 - 9 Nov 2024London4 days£4,250

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Course Overview

Explore the specifics of Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units in this course, covering design considerations, technology selection, and operational management.

Who Should Attend

  • Suitable for persons at all levels of responsibility and authority within an engineering or operations function
  • It may be of interest to those who have had limited exposure to FPSOs and need to update their knowledge and familiarity, or those who may have had previous first-hand offshore experience on an FPSO but wish to expand their knowledge in the topics of design and operation
  • It will be particularly beneficial for technical staff, project engineers, engineering specialists and operating staff

Course Outcomes

  • Be aware of the history of the FPSO and the reasons why it has developed to become a mainstream choice for offshore production
  • Be familiar with the various forms of floating production systems and how the FPSO fits within the applications
  • Appreciate the concepts and the options available for offshore field development
  • Be aware of the main technical and economic drivers in relation to the choice of an FPSO as the host facility
  • Understand the main technical questions surrounding the design of the FPSO and their resolutions
  • Be familiar with the main building blocks for an FPSO design
  • Understand the design and selection of the hull and mooring system
  • Understand the configurations available for the subsea layout in terms of the manifolds, flow lines, risers and umbilicals
  • Be familiar with the layout and configuration of the topsides process plant on an FPSO based on both safety and operability criteria
  • Be familiar with the main marine systems of the FPSO based on the need for safety of the vessel and persons on board

Course Topics

Introduction to Floating Production Systems

  • Definition of an FPSO
  • History of the FPSO
  • Types of FPSO concepts
  • FPSO Functions and Capabilities
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the FPSO as a host facility
  • Classification and applications

FPSO Design Considerations and Main Technical Issues

  • Design principles and design elements
  • Environmental influences affecting FPSO design
  • Hull design
  • Structural design and global analysis
  • Topside design requirements and layout
  • Safety in design and operation

FPSO Systems and Station Keeping

  • Hull selection and storage requirements
  • Mooring design and arrangements
  • Anchors and their particulars
  • Turret and swivel system
  • Installation and hook-up
  • Commissioning

Fluid Transfer Subsea Tie-back and Topside Process

  • Fluid transfer mechanism – subsea to topsides
  • SURF and subsea interfaces
  • FPSO process system
  • Pigging
  • Crude desalting
  • Marine systems
  • Cargo transfer

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