10 Best Financial Courses in London in 2023

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Best Financial Courses in London

In the financial sector, it’s essential for an organisation that all employees have a wide range of skills and training to best carry out their job roles. After all, finances are at the heart of most successful businesses, and if you’re not running a tight ship, you could find yourself in hot water.

For employees, whether you’re hoping to deepen your understanding, upgrade your skill set, or transition to a new career path, keeping up with up-to-date methods and training is essential to stay ahead of the game.

So whether you’re looking to invest in your employee training program or you’re an individual looking to broaden your knowledge, we’ve got 10 of the best financial courses in London for you to take this year.

Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance course offers a deep dive into topics such as financial statement analysis, strategy and risk management, treasury function and shareholder and stakeholder values. It provides an in-depth understanding of the key decision-making processes involved in corporate finance, contributing to business growth and stability.

Our Corporate Finance course suits those new to strategic planning roles, treasury department managers, financial planning practitioners, those who want to evaluate their organisation’s performance and that of competitors, audit personnel, and financial risk managers.

Financial Risk Management

Our Financial Risk Management course provides in-depth knowledge of internal and external financial risks and teaches tools and techniques to minimise them. Participants will learn to review their financial institution’s existing processes and make recommendations for changes, establish policies for conflict management and internal controls, and identify, analyse, and mitigate compliance risks. Course topics include types of financial risk, market risk, and liquidity risk.

This course is designed for risk managers, decision-makers, new compliance officers, internal auditors tasked with auditing the compliance function, legal department managers, and treasury staff, especially those from financial sector organisations.

Treasury Management

Our Treasury Management course covers the key functions of a modern treasury department in the private and public sectors, including cash management, corporate finance, and risk management. It offers insights into how effective treasury management can contribute to an organisation’s financial stability and growth, as well as how to build an investment portfolio.

Professionals working in treasury or finance departments, or those looking to move into such roles, would find this course particularly useful.

Advanced Reporting and Budgeting

This course covers topics like core concepts and principles, forecasting, budgeting, financial reporting, investment appraisals, accounting, and financial performance statements. It provides the skills needed to plan, monitor, and control an organisation’s financial resources effectively.

Our Advanced Reporting and Budgeting course is designed for new and existing financial managers, budget holders, operations managers, sales and marketing employees who want an understanding of financial statements, and anyone wanting to understand key accounting concepts to improve their cost management skills.

Financial Compliance

In the ever-evolving world of financial regulations, our Financial Compliance course prepares professionals to navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, helping ensure their organisations remain on the right side of the law. Course topics include money laundering basics and offences, customer profiling, risk assessments and risk-based approaches and various AML tools.

This course is best suited for individuals with a background in auditing or the financial sector, including risk managers.

Financial Crime Prevention

Our Financial Crime Prevention course teaches learners about the nature of financial crime and strategies for its prevention. This course is crucial for professionals wanting to protect their organisations by applying the best practices to prevent financial crime and to know what to look out for. Course topics include anti-bribery and corruption, cyber crime, anti-money laundering and fraud.

This course is best suited for professionals working in compliance, risk management, data protection and anti-corruption at their organisation.

Financial Modelling

Professionals who take our Financial Modelling course come away with a clear understanding of the role of financial modelling, how to analyse data for predictable outcomes and how to determine financial risks. From effective risk management and financial statements to ratio analysis and practical financial modelling, this course provides a comprehensive overview.

As an essential skill in today’s data-driven world, financial modelling is crucial for investment bankers, financial analysts, and finance managers. Our course is best suited for individuals in the insurance sector with direct responsibility for commercial and risk management, including underwriting staff, compliant managers and risk managers.

Internal Auditing – Levels 1, 2 & 3

At LCT, we offer three Internal Auditing courses at different levels, depending on your existing training and what you need.

Internal Auditing Level 1

This level 1 course helps students to learn about the principles and practices of internal auditing. It’s best suited for professionals who want to understand the role of an internal auditor in improving organisational effectiveness and efficiency.

Internal Auditing Level 2

Internal Auditing Level 2 covers topics such as risk-based auditing, how to conduct effective audits in your organisation, financial crime compliance and how to engage with audit structures.

Internal Auditing Level 3

For those looking for a higher level of training in Internal Auditing, this course covers audit reporting and working with stakeholders, using technology to combat financial and cyber crime, external auditors and effective organisational systems.

If you’re unsure about the best Internal Auditing course for your needs, the team at LCT are more than happy to advise you to ensure you and your staff get the best training for your needs. Contact us here.

LCT’s Financial Courses in London

As we navigate the world of finance in 2023 and beyond, the value of education in the financial sector is more significant than ever before.

At LCT, we offer a wide range of financial courses depending on the needs of your organisation. Our training is taken online and in-house in London to ensure we can deliver the best possible course material to all of our students. Everyone on our team is passionate about learning and has a mission to empower individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential.

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