Human Resources Analytics – Level 1

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Classroom Training:
4 - 8 Nov 2024London5 days£4,250

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Course Overview

Understand the basics of HR analytics, including data collection, analysis, and the use of metrics to inform HR practices and policies.

Who Should Attend

  • Human Resources Directors who would like to strengthen their position in the boardroom
  • HR professionals who would like to go the extra mile in developing a robust HR strategy
  • HR professionals who would like to measure the contribution of HR towards organisational performance

Course Outcomes

  • Examine the reasoning behind predictive analytics and its benefits
  • Explore various levels of analytics and their uses; showing the evolution of metrics into predictive analytics
  • Describe the predictive management model and the HCM:21 model
  • Appreciate risk assessment as a fundamental part of modern human capital management
  • Take an evidence-based approach using advanced analytics to developing a collaborative workplace when selecting and motivating people
  • Review when HR software development and options available
  • Change HR service delivery into a value-generating process

Course Topics

Introduction to Predictive Analytics

  • What is analytics?
  • Why is analytics important?
  • The language of metrics and analytics
  • The power of analytics
  • The model of predictive management
  • Human resources analytics case study

Human Capital Predictive Management

  • The big picture and the value of statistical analytics
  • The importance of risk assessments
  • How to improve hr process
  • The employee value proposition
  • Getting support to implement strategy exercise
  • Strategic choice and advanced analytics case study

HCM practice choice and advanced analytics

  • Business intelligence alignment of HCM
  • Decision science and implications of HCM decisions
  • Human science and selection decisions
  • HCM case study

Optimizing selection and promotion decisions

  • Talent acquisition and decisions analytics
  • Biases and the selection decisions
  • Application of expert intuition to selection and promotion decisions
  • Predictive modelling and selections decisions
  • Applied econometrics and machine learning techniques

Human Science and Incentives

  • Incentive contracts
  • Complexity theory and incentive contracts
  • The application of expert intuition to incentive and motivation issues
  • Predictive modelling and incentive contracts
  • HR incentives case study

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