Sales and Marketing Training Courses

Our Sales and Marketing Training Courses

At LCT, we offer a selection of sales and marketing courses designed to take your sales team from their essential training through to creating an advanced marketing strategy for your organisation.

There’s no doubt about it, investing in sales training for your team is one of the best ways to generate new business. These are the individuals who secure contracts, generate new business, retain your existing clients and contribute to your marketing plan.

From closing deals to seeking out new opportunities, our sales and marketing training provides the exact sales skills that all sales professionals should hold to get results year after year for your organisation.

Sales and Marketing Training in London

We offer online sales and marketing courses with an in-house portion to ensure the correct sales training is carried out with your team. The in-house portion of our training is in London, UK, meaning it’s incredibly accessible with so many airports and hotels close by.

Whether you are looking to increase your sales and marketing team’s awareness of core sales skills, or level up their strategies with marketing skills, you’ll find what you need here.

Being trained by industry experts, your sales and marketing team will come away with a deep understanding of successful sales techniques, the sales process and buyer behaviour.

Why train with LCT?

Within the sales and marketing industry, we deliver sales training courses led by experts in to ensure your team has an in-depth understanding of their role and responsibilities within your organisation.

Students benefit from a wealth of tools, expertise and skills needed for individuals and teams in sales and marketing to develop their careers and support their organisations.

As an employer, one of the most effective marketing efforts you can carry out is to invest in your sales and marketing training, this way you are ensuring your team are up to date with the latest sales and marketing strategies for business success.

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