Key Responsibilities of a Team Leader 

As an organisation dedicated to developing employees through training, we aim to ensure that all team leaders excel in driving success. However, being an effective leader does not occur by chance; it requires understanding a team leader’s key responsibilities and skills. A team leader oversees and guides a team working together towards shared objectives. Their […]

Why Is It Important to Have Proper Financial Management?

Financial management is the act of handling an organisation’s funds and resources by following set objectives. It’s an all-encompassing function that’s essential to business growth and survival. Proper financial management enables a company to plan, procure, and allocate its assets profitably. Without it, businesses can fail to reach their revenue targets, lose track of expenses, […]

5 Stages of Project Management: The Corporate Guide

Project management is the unsung hero in the corporate world. It’s the foundation for executing tasks and ensuring they culminate in organisational success. The structured approach to project management often spells the difference between success and, well, not quite success. With countless tasks and ever-evolving goals, you need a roadmap, and the five stages of project […]

5 Best Oil and Gas Training Courses in the UK

Continuous learning and professional development are essential for staying competitive in the corporate world, with the oil and gas industry being no exception. With new practices and systems coming into play every day, it’s important for your employees to stay ahead of the curve and up to date to ensure your organisation maintains the correct […]

7 Ways To Improve Employee Retention

Employee retention is a critical issue for any business, and for many, finding effective methods to improve employee turnover rates can be challenging. It’s worth noting right off the bat that you can’t improve employee retention without investing in your retention strategy. However, the cost of hiring new employees and training them in their new […]

5 Courses to Advance Your Career in Management

If you want to provide an employee with the leadership skills and education required to advance within your business, or maybe you’re looking to invest in your own management career, a course in management and leadership is a logical way to go. The skills taught in our Management and Leadership courses are designed for all […]

Why employee training is an effective retention strategy

The Pandemic has created a massive upheaval in the corporate world, where millions of people have been forced to leave their jobs or quit, many chopping and changing companies in order to remain employed, leaving companies scrambling for attractive ways to attract new and retain their top employees. In order for businesses to stand out […]

Improving Career Prospects by Investing in Corporate Training

When employees become part of a business, they’re doing much more than just finding a job – they’re building a career. Despite this, 77% of people feel alone on their professional development journey, and no doubt feel disengaged in their roles as a result. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your teams […]

Have you Just Graduated? Reasons to Consider Training Courses to Enhance Your Skill

Have You Just Graduated? Reasons to Consider Training Courses to Enhance Your Skill Searching for a new job can be an extremely stressful experience. We all know the rigmarole of endlessly trawling over job sites, applying to what might seem like your perfect job and then never hearing back. Or getting into an interview only […]

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