A Brief Guide To Personality Types When Selling

A Brief Guide to Personality Types When Selling The best salespeople don’t simply regurgitate a pitch regardless of who they talk to, they amend their style depending on the type of person they’re presenting to. Being able to identify the difference and change your pitch accordingly is a difficult talent to master, however, it can […]

Four Strategies To Close a Sale

Four Strategies to Close a Sale The art of selling is far more than just the close, it’s a process of investigation, confidence, knowledge and – most importantly – listening. However, if you can’t get a close at the end of the process then everything beforehand has been meaningless. Good salespeople will be able to […]

The Benefits of Consultative Selling

The Benefits of Consultative Selling There are many different styles when it comes to selling, from friendly to fierce. Many salespeople still employ tactics which put their product front and centre rather than their customers. However, the consultative selling style ensures that the main focus is always the prospect. What is the Aim of Consultative […]

From Taking Management Courses to Volunteering: Ways to Enhance Your CV

From Taking Management Courses to Volunteering: Ways to Enhance Your CV Finding a new and exciting job can be difficult at the best of times. As job seekers, we spend countless hours scrolling through jobs boards online, attending meetings with recruiters, spending time at interviews and researching various markets to discover precisely what kind of […]

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